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Australia is a country with decent study opportunities for students who belong to different nationalities. There are a number of study courses, reputed universities and specializations to choose from. Since this category of visa duration is for quite a while, this is one amazing opportunity to learn and be one with the Aussie Culture. With world class vocation courses, excellent universities, and top English Language institutes for foreign nationals, Australia is one of the top choices for study..

However, there is a complex Australia Student Visa process and strict requirements that you have to fulfil in order to gain this visa. There are long term Student Visas as well as short term students visas. The duration of such visas range from 6 months to 3 years’ time based on the study course you select. You may also apply for Student Visa to extend your stay when you are on a Working Holiday Visa overseas.

Basic Eligibility Criteria For Australia Study Visa

  1. Basic language proficiency based on latest language tests.
  2. Candidate must select a study course that is listed with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register Of Institutes And Courses For Overseas Students) framework
  3. Candidate must have the ‘Letter of Offer’ or ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ from a recognized college in Australia.
  4. Adequate funds to fund entire trip including study fees, basic living costs, travel charges, etc. (Do check the ‘students’ financial requirements checklist tool’ developed by the DIBP
  5. Candidate must meet all Medical check requirements depending on length and type of visa & other factors.
  6. Candidate must have character check requirements for the last 10 years and be able to provide police certificate for each country they lived in for 12 months period.
  7. Candidate must enrol or a kind of health insurance cover for the time duration of visa. (certain specifications apply)

Benefits of Australia Study Visa

  1. Study in Australia & get limited work hours.
  2. Degree from Australian University is internationally recognized as high standards.
  3. No specific age requirement for this visa (special requirements if 18 years or below)
  4. After successful completion, student is eligible to apply for Post Study Work Visa (conditions apply)
  5. Chances for Australian Employer Nomination scheme get higher with degree from within Australia.
  6. An eligible family member(s) may accompany you to Australia with full work rights if you include their names on visa application form while applying for the visa.

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