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Business Visas are granted for various reasons and are generally temporary in nature. People who visit Australia for a short period of time are issued Tourist Visas. This is also known as Visitor Visa so foreign nationals get entry into the country. Visitors may enter for different reasons including holidaying or to check out the business scope for business plans. The duration of such visas can be 3 months, 6 months to even one year in some scenarios. There are many different purposes why people apply for this visa. It includes visiting, tourism, holiday, medical reasons, yoga class, etc. Some people apply for this visa for entry to Australia and then apply for a specific visa there..

Business Visitor Visa: Even though the name is called Business Visa, it cannot be used for earning profits there. In order to make money in Australia, you have to apply for a short-term/long-term Work Permit. The business activities that are allowed on the Australia Business Visitor Visa include making inquiries to check the scope of business there or govt. inquiries, contract negotiations, business interviews, business meetings or conferences, job seminars, etc.

Fast – Track Or Priority Basis (Only For India)

The processing time for these sorts of visas to Australia generally takes very less time as compared to general visas. The processing time is as less as 48 hours. However times it takes longer to approve even the simplest visa due to some reasons. This could be a delay or even a visa may be refused.

  1. If you are less than 18 years of age and do not have a consent from legal guardian or parent.
  2. If the visa applicant is unable to furnish the necessary document requirement mentioned on the checklist.
  3. If the candidate is unable to complete the required health/ medical check-up examination.
  4. If a candidate has got previous negative immigrant history / criminal history

It is advisable that such visa applicants firsts thoroughly consider their travel needs/ plans before opting for a priority basis. If losses are incurred due to which the visa is not granted in time for urgent plans of travel for such aspiring visa applicants, the Home Affairs or VFS will not take responsibility for it.

Candidates who plan to apply for such fast track visiting visas are advised to take the assistance of professionals and licenses. The information here is only for general purposes.

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