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South Africa Critical Skilled Visa

South Africa is one of the best nations in the world for immigration with a great infrastructure, economy, and socially organized. Several people apply for a visa to get a job there. There is one potential visa called South Africa Critical Skills Visa where the candidate has to possess occupational/work experience in a particular field. This specified occupation/profession must be required by the country. The nation has an official list known as the Critical Skills List where the required professions are known. One of the best things about this visa is that the candidate does not require any offer of employment as long as he possesses the professional skills required on the nation’s list.

The candidate can check in case they possess the required professional experience with at least 5 years, they are eligible along with certain other conditions. This visa is generally issued for a period of five years. However, upon successful completion of this time in South Africa, it also leads to Permanent Residency in South Africa. There are several industry sectors that do well in the country of the continent of Africa. The major industries include Manufacture, Tourism, IT & Telecoms, Real Estate, Business Process Outsourcing, etc. However, the candidate must get the job within a span of one year or twelve months.

There are certain conditions that the candidate has to meet upon obtaining the visa successfully. Such a condition is that the candidate has to successfully search for the job within 12 months’ time. They should also provide proof of employment like an offer letter with the details of the job as well. There are many other conditions like medical check-ups, vaccination certificates wherever required, and police clearance certificates for the countries traveled to in the prior 12 months. A cash deposit of a specified amount equalling the value of an agreement with the employer. The candidate must have sufficient funds for the living expenses till there is an offer of employment.

Others include a valid passport, radiology documents & bio-metrics submission, proof of educational qualifications assessed by the SAQA (South Africa Qualifications Authority) authorized body, & application of certification of registration, etc. This is needed for the South Africa Work Permit Visa so, contact expert South Africa Visa Consultants for professional guidance.

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