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An Overview of Canada – Land of the Maple Leaf Calls

Canada is one of the most beautiful destinations for Immigrants from around the world with a Canada Permanent Residence Visa. These interesting facts about Canada will let you know why. The country is so large that its northern part touches the Arctic region and its southern parts border with many states of the USA. With three major oceans of the world around Canada – the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean & the Arctic Ocean, it has the most number of lakes in the whole world. Most of the regions of Canada are covered with snow all year round making the place even uninhabitable. However, city life bustles with lights and vibrancy and there are several world-famous cities in the nation of Canada.

10 Most Amazing Facts about Canada.

    1. The second-largest country in the whole world is Canada.
    2. Canada constitutes almost 1/2 of the entire large continent of North America (41%).
    3. A large part of Canada is snow wilderness where no person has gone there.
    4. There are two official languages of Canada – English & French.
    5. Canada is a melting pot of different cultures from all over the world.
    6. The Capital of Canada is Ottawa.
    7. There are three territories and 10 Provinces in Canada.
    8. There are three levels of government – Municipal, Provincial / Territorial & Federal.
    9. Canada is one of the least populated countries in the world.
    10. Neighboring countries include the USA by land and France & Greenland by water.

Many Immigrants to Canada and visitors to Canada describe the country as one of the best countries in the world. Apart from the landscape, climatic conditions, and less population, there are many other attractive features of Canada. In terms of economy, culture, and other factors like lifestyles, time zones, etc. there is a lot to know about Canada in case you would like to go there. So, do stay connected and keep checking in to check about various aspects and interesting facts about Canada.

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