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Canada is one of the most favorable destinations for students from all over the world. Every year there is a growing number of students who apply for Study Visa in Canada . In order to study in this cold country, the student requires a Canada Student Visa or a study permit. The IRCC would issue a study permit to a student belonging to a different nationality who would like to pursue studies in Canada.

However, this would be for a limited time and the student has to show an intention or interest to go back to his or her native country. The time of the visa duration and validity depends mainly on the study course the student has taken up that generally is 3 years. There is also a Canada Post – Graduation Student Visa where the student gets Work Permit too. However, this has various requirements.

Pre- Requisites To Apply For A Canada Student Visa

  1. Letter of acceptance from an accredited educational institution in Canada
  2. Sufficient funds: – it must cover tuition fee, travel expenses, living expenses, etc.
  3. Candidate must not be in any sort of criminal activities and must clear any such requirement.
  4. Candidate may have to submit a clear medical examination certificate if IRCC requires it.
  5. Immigration officers must be convinced that the student will leave the country after the specified study permit time.
  6. Candidate must obtain a certificate acceptance of Quebec/CAQ in case wants to study in Province of Quebec.

Mandatory Documentation Required For Canada Study Permit:

  1. A Valid Passport
  2. Name and DOB on back of passport sized photographs (2 sets) of each family member (on visa application) & student.
  3. Marriage Certificate if student is a married person.
  4. The Visa Officer may require many other documents and you will have to submit those.

Family Members: This includes spouse/ common – law partner, dependent children, etc. So, they can be included on the visa application form too. The married spouse / common – law partner may also get a Work Permit to be able to work there. Dependent children may take up education at secondary or elementary school there in Canada.

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