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The country is a point of international finance or the crossroads of Asia is a financial destination to many businesses, professionals, and Investors. The country invites professionals and Skilled Workers to contribute to various sectors in this island country. Some of the top sectors and others include marine, manufacture, babysitting, housekeeping, construction, tourism and service industry, etc. The city – state is next in line to the famous countries and cities including Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, in Asia. The international commercial center attracts several professionals from all over the world with expertise in various fields. Immigrants who fulfill the necessary skills and criteria find opportunities in the shortage of labor and seek employment; provided they have the required skills and work experience, education, and suitable Singapore Work Permit Visa.

Singapore invites promising professionals and candidates with expertise in various fields to make a positive contribution to the country’s economy. The island nation must be on the charts with various countries and top global financial cities and hence requires unique foreign talent. Many foreign individuals would like to settle, live and work in this country. Singapore Immigration has a number of Visa and Immigration Schemes to suit various reasons that visitors want to visit the country and Visa schemes for Permanent Residency in Singapore. Dependent Family members like the legal spouse and kids can go there also. However, there are requirements not only for the dependents but also the principle visa applicant including a specified salary range. There are variations for the entrepreneurs on entre-pass and workers on employment for this reason.

Even though the country is smaller in demography, there is much accomplishment and bloom with wide development. The country Singapore situated beside Malaysia has a cosmopolitan culture as it is a mixing pot of different cultures. There is modern infrastructure with tall buildings, great subways, and hard – pressed ports. There is influence of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian customs, traditions, and culture in this nation with several different islands with tropical climate through the year. Check out the Singapore Immigration, Singapore Dependent Visa, Singapore Work Permit Visa, and Singapore Eligibility Criteria.

Work Permit Visa

This crossroads to the continent of Asia, a global financial hub for several immigrants and city – state attracts many foreign professionals each year. The island nation goes earlier then any of the famous cities in Asia – Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong. There are many sectors in the country including manufacture, service industry, housekeeping, babysitting, marine, construction, and more. This is a wide range of opportunity for foreign people having required skills expertise who would like to seek employment here. Such an aspiring candidate requires a Singapore Work Permit Visa to for work.

There are certain Singapore Work Permit Visa Requirements for the aspiring candidate as well as the Singaporean company. Employees coming from approved and valid sources are eligible after fulfilling specific criteria. The companies hiring such foreign talent also has to agree for many conditions. The process is different and it depends on the country from where the foreign worker comes. Also, the nationality of the foreign individual has a role for the employer whether to pay a security bond or not.

Features of Singapore Work Permit Visa

  1. The Work Permit is generally approved for a period of 2 years time. However, the security bond.
  2. Passport validity time and other things also determine the term of employment. It is extended sometimes under some specific conditions.
  3. A security bond paid for the employee which is 5,000 Singapore dollars for some countries that includes India.
  4. The candidate cannot directly start the application process for the work permit visa as it must be done by employer. However, the employee must give a written consent.
  5. The Work Permit is issued from the nation of domicile or origin (PR status holder of the country for 2 or more years).
  6. Mandatory health insurance for employee by the employer for the work permit.
  7. A numbered candidates get issued this visa as there is a number of candidates that the employer can employ.

There are several other specific procedures to get issued Singapore Work Permit Visa . This is only to give you an idea. It is advisable to take the assistance of Singapore Visa and Immigration Consultants.

Work Permit Visa Requirements

There are several benefits to Singapore Work Permit Visa . With this there are disadvantages as well. So if as aspiring candidate wishes to choose Singapore as his or her work permit destinations then it is good to know not only the advantages but also the disadvantages and the requirements too. So, if you would like to get a Singapore Work Permit Visa then there is some specific eligibility criteria and specific requirements to fulfil before and after and during the time of visa application.

Disadvantages Of Singapore Work Permit

  1. Work permit visa holders cannot take their dependants or family members with them to Singapore.
  2. The company that hires the foreigner has to pay a levy, security bond for workers from some nationalities.
  3. Employing companies are subject to certain quota to hire foreign workers/ talent.
  4. Marriage with citizens and permanent residents of Singapore is not allowed unless specially approved by govt.
  5. Allowed to make kids only from such ‘approved marriages’.

Requirements For Singapore Work Permit

There are different types of Singapore work permits. These are the general requirements and procedures to file a Work Permit Visa application for an aspiring Work Permit candidate.

  1. Authorized employment agency agent or an employer will initiate the application process for the candidate.
  2. Candidate has to give a written consent to the authorized employment agent or employer for that.
  3. This can be done online on the official web portal for Singapore Work Permit Visa.
  4. Payments are accepted by master card visa card, eNet, giro by employee or the employment agent.
  5. Generally, approval takes week time if all conditions that can be also checked on the official Singapore work permit web portal.
  6. Once successfully approved print the hard copy of the IPA (in principle application) print out.
  7. In the two weeks of employee’s arrival the employer or employment agency has to get it issued.
  8. A valid address to deliver the work permit must be provided with the names of 3 authorized or nominated people to receive the work permit. (it is required to provide their passport/ FIN/IC along with contact numbers and email address. Charges differ from up to one year to 1 – 5 years with multiple entry ranging from 215 to 355 Singapore dollars.

Eligibility Criteria

Singapore welcomes foreign talent from all over the world to contribute to the diverse sectors of the country. As the island nation is known as a global commercial center. There are many sectors in the country including manufacture, service industry, housekeeping, babysitting, marine, construction, and more. This is a wide range of opportunity in Singapore for foreign people having required skills and work expertise. The Singapore Work Permit Visa Category – Singapore EP is highly valued especially by foreign professionals. It is generally issued for a period of 2 years and can be extended further. There are other benefits and Eligibility Criteria for this Employment Pass.

Benefits Of Singapore Work Permit

Work permit is generally approved for a period of 2 years time. However, the security bond passport validity time and other things also determine the term of employment. It is extended sometimes under some specific conditions.

  1. Health Insurance for employee by the employer for the Work Permit.
  2. Fresh foreign graduates from reputed educational institutions and semi – skilled foreign talent get opportunity to a employees by established companies and households in Singapore.
  3. The foreign employees on Work Permit are protected by Singapore advanced employee – employer legislation.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore Employment Pass.

  1. Candidate has to earn a minimum salary of S$ 3,600 per month for some categories.
  2. For other categories the minimum salary requirement goes up even higher.
  3. Candidate must have degree from a reputed educational institution or university.
  4. Specialist skills, professional qualifications, and training are required for the work visa.
  5. Candidate must have work experience in specialised expertise, executive job or managerial position.

There is also several eligibility criteria for Singapore employers hiring foreign talent. One such requirement is to keep the vacant job advertised for citizens of Singapore for a period of 2 weeks. In case of modification to the job advertisement, it may be open to Singapore citizens for another 14 days period.

The visa holder can also take dependent family members like children below 21 years of age and legal spouse. If he earns S$10,000 per month, he is eligible to take even his parents to Singapore. Such Singapore EP work permit holders can work for six months there and are eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence.

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