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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In case you are dreaming of one of the fastest methods to be a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, then the Canada Provincial Nominee Program is just for you. There has been an increase in the number of PR Visa applicants from the start of the year 2017. In case you have come across the Canada Express Entry Program then PNP is part of it. These particular immigration schemes are solely for those Canadian Provinces which are looking out for highly skilled talent at an accelerated pace. Let us read on to find out how it works out.

An interested candidate may directly apply under this program. However, the Canada Express Entry & Canada Provincial Nominee Program are in some way linked to each other. Once the aspiring candidate enters his or her details on the Express Entry, instead of the lengthy wait time for a particular province to issue a ‘notification of interest’ you may as well directly apply for a specific Provincial Nominee Program PNP.

How does PNP help in Express Entry?
One of the greatest benefits of migrating under a Canada Province Nominee Program is that it adds great point value Comprehensive Ranking System score within the Express Entry Program. This can increase your chances of getting the IOA(Invitation to Apply) in the following draw for Express Entry. For those who would like to get a Provincial nomination for Permanent Residence under the Express Entry Program, the candidate has to be eligible for it.

Who is Eligible under PNP?
A candidate must have the below requirement to qualify under the Provincial Nomination Program. He/ She should be able to meet the necessary requirements for the Express Entry Program and must have the below criteria.

  1. Age: The candidate must be less than 40 Years of Age.
  2. CRS: Candidate must score a minimum of 67 points in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).
  3. Education: Graduation.
  4. Work Exp: Minimum 2 years.


How Does it Work?
The Canadian provinces conduct draws at regular intervals. This is to welcome skilled newcomers to their respective province. The province will nominate the aspiring immigrant who is interested to down there. Quebec has another selection system. Each of Canada’s provinces and territories have their own unique PNPs. These unique PNPs are specifically designed for the specific requirements to choose the nominees who will contribute effectively to that specific region/ community.

Canadian Provinces and Territories


Alberta is a province situated in Western Canada. This is one of the most popular destinations for Immigration. Due to its great economic stability as well as amazing social development, this province of Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for many within Canada. Alberta is one of the three provinces that come under the ‘Prairie’ category, meaning most of the industry is natural resources, farming, etc. The place is populated and Calgary & Edmonton, 2 of Canada’s largest cities are situated in the Province of Alberta.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
This is one of the Provincial Nominee Schemes by which a foreign aspiring immigrant may get a faster process to immigrate to this province. Provided, the candidate posses the skills and requirements in terms of work experience and educational qualification that is required for that particular province. Once the is candidate successful in clearing the requirements demands for that province, he or she may qualify to get an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate. With this, the overall Immigration Process may be a faster one for the candidate. Moreover, candidate scores more points on the Express Entry Program by receiving successful Provincial Nomination under the same section.

A candidate has 5 ways (confirmation required) to go under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

  1. Strategic Recruitment Scheme
  2. Employer Driven Scheme
  3. Self Employment Farmer Scheme
  4. Alberta Opportunity Scheme – (confirmation Required)
  5. Alberta Express Entry Scheme – (confirmation Required)


Each of the above streams by the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has strict requirements and eligibility. Only if you have the specified experience or skills necessary, you can get nominated. Each of the above categories are further sub- categories as below:

  1. Strategic Recruitment Scheme: There are 3 sub streams under this stream mentioned here.
    1. Compulsory/ Optional Trades Category
    2. Engineering Occupations Category
    3. Post Graduate Worker Category
  2. Employer Driven Scheme: This stream also has 3 sub streams mentioned here.
    1. Skilled Worker Category
    2. International Graduate Category
    3. Semi Skilled Worker Category
  3. Self Employment Farmer Scheme: For individuals who would like to be in a farming business/ enterprise to own/ run and permanently settle down in Alberta.

British Colombia

The British Columbia province of Canada is a melting pot of various cultures. With great forest land, natural resources, mining and having the third largest city of Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most favourite Provinces of Canada for several immigrants from all over the world. This province is a complete western Province of Canada. With such a great economy and amazing climate of the western coastline, this is one of the most sought after destinations for several immigrants.

British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program
Similar to other PNPs of Canada , if the aspiring immigrant receives a BCPNP certificate, it makes the Immigration Process straightforward and faster. There are two major streams under which the British Columbia Immigration applications are taken.

Skills Immigration/ British Columbia Express Entry: There are five sub – categories under this:

  1. Skilled Worker Category
  2. Healthcare Worker Category
  3. International Graduate Category
  4. International Post – Graduate Category
  5. Entry Level/semi Skilled Worker Category

Except the fifth category, all the above categories can be processed through the Express Entry Electronic Points – based calculator system of Canada .

Entrepreneur Immigration: Individuals who would like to apply British Columbia Permanent Residence Visa and are willing to invest there may go under this category. There are two major sub categories by which he or she can apply.

  1. Entrepreneur Category
  2. Strategic Projects Category

Each of the above categories and sub categories of British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program has its own requirements /eligibility criteria. Hence, it is advisable to contact a professional Visa Guidance Consultants for details, updates or processing.


This Province of Canada is situated on the borders of western Canada. This province is one of the highly populated regions of Canada. There is most natural resources here as there is a large forest and now wilderness. People live in small closed communities in this province. However the industry is also mostly natural resources and this Canadian Province has a stable labor market. The regional climate offers immigrants a peaceful living place and the employment rate is successful or high. Every year several foreign nationals from all over the world who have the required skills and occupational experience which is in demand in the Manitoba Province Migrate in huge numbers.

The Provincial Nomination Program for the province of Manitoba is called MPNP Manitoba’s Provincial Nomination Program the aspiring foreign nationals who would like to immigrate or acquire Canadian Permanent Residency may score higher or get a faster Canada PR Visa process by getting a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Certificate. Recently, towards late 2017, there were latest updates and changes that have taken place in the Manitoba Province Immigration Schemes. Hence, we would update as and when the updates happen.

As of now, or presently, the various immigration schemes or visa schemes for the Canadian Province of Manitoba are in progress as they are undergoing reconstruction. Hence, the visa programs for this particular province that were already existing may be there or even get updated. Most of these updates are / will be implemented in early 2018. There are specific updates related to qualification or requirements or criteria for various Provincial Schemes for Manitoba. These updates will be effective in the second half of the present year or even in the 3rd quarter. Hence, it is suggested to wait for a while.

Please contact professional and licensed Canada Visa Consultants to get latest updates on MPNP and guidance on the same.

Nova Scotia

This is another western Province of Canada that comprises of several tiny islands and parts of other regions too. The capital city of the province of Nova Scotia is popular for higher living standards. The main food is popularly sea- food and the province is mainly into art and culture. Mostly people get to see various coastlines of the peninsula and around 3000 tiny islands which are all part of the province.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program
There are several visa class and sub visa class by which the aspiring immigrant candidates may apply for Canada Permanent Residence Visa Province of Nova Scotia. Like all other provincial nomination schemes, the candidate’s immigration process is done faster and he/she scores higher on the express entry system in case he gets Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate.

  1. Nova Scotia Demand/Express Entry – Through Canada’s electronic points based Express Entry System , the candidates who have a higher educational certificate and necessary skills related to the provincial list of required skills/ occupations are eligible under this scheme.
  2. Nova Scotia Experience/Express Entry – Through Canada’s electronic points based express entry system, the candidates who have at least 12 months of work experience under an employer of Nova Scotia and necessary skills are eligible for Nova Scotia Permanent Residence Visa under this scheme.
  3. Skilled Worker Scheme – This scheme requires the aspiring candidate to to have an offer of employment from an employer of Nova Scotia . Eligible candidates include low – skilled/semi – skilled and Skilled Workers categories for Nova Scotia Nomination Program.
  4. NSNP Entrepreneur Scheme – Under this specific stream the people who wish to start or operate a business in Nova Scotia and settle down permanently there are eligible under this stream.
  5. International Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme – This program is specifically for college graduates from Nova Scotia Community College or Nova Scotia University. Moreover they should be running a business in the province of Nova Scotia for a minimum period of one year and be interested to settle down permanently there are eligible under this scheme.


The Province of Ontario is special in several different ways. The Canada’s capital city is situated within the Province of Ontario. This province is one of the most populated as it is home to most of Canada’s population (40%). Moreover, it houses the largest city in the whole country of Canada – Toronto. Most foreign immigrants select this Canadian Province to settle down in due to its strong economy, political and social get up. Like all other Provincial Nominee Programs for various provinces of Canada, the candidate who goes for the Ontario Provincial Nomination certificate may get the Canada Permanent Residence Visa faster. There are also chances of scoring higher in the electronic way or while applying through the Canada Express Entry System.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
The provincial nomination scheme for the province of Ontario is officially OINP or Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. There are four main categories under this Provincial Immigration Scheme and several sub – categories.

General Category – This category requires the candidate to have an employment offer or job offer from an employer in Ontario, Canada . There are two sub – categories under this visa class.

  1. Employer Job Offer In – Demand Skills Stream
  2. Foreign Workers with Job Offer Stream

Express Entry – Candidates have to apply under the Express Entry System Provincial Nomination – Ontario province. There are three sub – categories under this visa class.

  1. Skilled Trades Stream
  2. Human Capital Priorities Stream
  3. French – Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

Student Category – This is specifically for international students and has three sub – categories.

  1. Masters Graduate Stream
  2. PhD Graduate Stream
  3. Students with Job Offer Stream

Business Category – This is for people who would like to run or manage a Business Enterprise in the Province of Canada and has two sub – categories.

  1. Entrepreneur Stream
  2. Corporate Stream


The Provincial Nominee Program for Saskatchewan is known as SINP or Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program. Another province situated in Western Canada , the economy is mainly dependent on natural resources such as fishing and even forestry. This region is mostly filled with snowy wilderness. However, two of the important cities that like in this Province of Canada are Regina and Saskatoon. Like all other Provincial Nomination Programs, under this Saskatchewan Immigration schme too, if the Province Nominates the immigrant that has the required skills, work exp., and education that is demanded by the occupation in demand of that province, then the candidate’s Immigration Process may go faster.

There are three major categories by which the immigrant can apply under the Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program. They are listed as follows: –

  1. International Skilled Worker Category: There are three major sub categories under this scheme. If the candidate has an employment offer, or have the same work experience and skills required for an occupation in demand but not holding an offer of employment. There is another Skilled Worker category by Express Entry.
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category: This visa scheme category has a number of sub categories under it. Here is the list of them:
    1. Students Category
    2. Existing Work Permit
    3. Health Professionals
    4. Hospitality Sector Project
    5. Long Haul Truck Driver Project
  3. Farmer Entrepreneur Category: As the name suggests, this has two sub categories – Farm owner/operator category & entrepreneur category. The first option is for those who are willing to invest in a farm to operate and run the farm. The second category is for those who want to invest as well as contribute to managerial talent. Both categories require the aspiring immigrant candidate to settle down permanently in the province of Saskatchewan.


Yukon is a beautiful territory in Canada situated in the Northwestern side. Apart from the picturesque scenery and great weather, there are people involved communities. This is an ideal place for foreign immigrants who would like to settle down in such surroundings. This Territory of Canada is one of the least populated regions in the world. Most of the people live in the capital city of Whitehorse in the territory of ancient fantasy.

Yukon Nominee Program
The Provincial Nomination Scheme for the Canadian Territory of Yukon is known as Yukon Nominee Program. The aspiring candidates who have the necessary skills and experience that is in demand for this territory may be get Canada Permanent Residence Visa by the Yukon Provincial Nomination Certificate. There are four schemes by which a candidate may apply for Yukon Nominee Program.

  1. Yukon Express Entry – Candidates in the Express Entry Pool whose profiles, skills, or occupation experience is liked by an employer in the territory for a full time job will come under this category.
  2. Skilled Worker Category – Under this program, employers of the territory can nominate/sponsor a highly skilled candidate for Canadian Permanent Residency . Candidates must have occupational experience in NOC Skill Level – A/B/0
  3. Critical Impact Category – There are some unskilled occupations and semi – skilled occupations that are much in demand in the territory of Yukon. Some employers may sponsor such applicants and they do not have to be in Yukon while applying for this program.
  4. Business Nominee Category – Under the Yukon Business Nominee Program, the aspiring candidates have to show experience in business operations. It is for candidates who would like to invest in a business in the territory of Yukon as well as run the business operations on a real time basis. Under this scheme, candidates may also do a partnership with an existing business in Yukon, or even buy a business and run the operations of the business in Yukon.

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