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People travel all around the world for various reasons. However, if they would like to visit a foreign country, they require a Visitor Visa. In many countries this is called as a Tourist visa which is a more popular name for the visa. In the same way, if you would like to go to Canada on a short trip, the ideal visa would be a Canada Visitor Visa / Business Visa . Sometimes, people go to visit a relative for a couple of days. Families and friends go to holiday there. Some business people may go to attend a business conference or business meeting in that place. The reasons are several.

It is called a Business Visitor Visa, and the candidate who holds this visa cannot take up an employment type of activity where he / she will earn income overseas. The same applies to the Canada Visitor Visa . This visa category is only meant for visiting purposes or holidaying reasons too. So, the time duration for this visa varies on each visa applicant. It mainly depends on the reason or purpose of visit to Canada.

Activities permitted on Canada Business Visa

  1. Business people may take part in a trade conference
  2. Candidate may check for better business scope or opportunities.
  3. Attend a business seminar/ conference/ meeting.
  4. Meeting with people to negotiate business discussions.

Requirements for Canada Business Visitor Visa

  1. Candidate must want to only stay for short duration or time of visa duration.
  2. Candidate must not try to get into employment or labour market in Canada.
  3. Income source and business is situated outside of Canada.
  4. Business profits too would be incurred outside of Canada.
  5. Documents include a valid passport or legal travel documents
  6. Must clear all medical and health check requirements.
  7. Must not have any criminal activities or be risky to the country.
  8. Candidate must show necessary funds available for entire stay and travel expenses
  9. Candidate must want to leave the country at the end of the stay or duration of visa time.

Certain people from certain professions and some activities may not be allowed, so please check with professional Canada Visa experts for the Best Guidance.

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