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Canada provides various visa schemes for foreign nationals who wish to Immigrate to Canada. There are various Canada Permanent Residence Visa Schemes by which an aspiring immigrant may apply. Like several countries, there is a point-based selection system for Canada Immigration Visa too. Based on the points that you achieve in the electronic selection system, you will receive an ‘Invitation to apply. Then the candidate has to file the documents within a specific time period.

Here are convenient Canada Immigration Visa Schemes for various types of aspiring immigrants. They include skilled working professionals, dependent families, investors, etc. So, if you fall under any of these categories or outside these visa categories, then you are all set to check your chances to Immigrate to Canada.

NOTE: For the province of Quebec, there is a different immigration scheme. So, if you plan to relocate to Canada’s Quebec Province, or hold Canada Provincial Nomination/ sponsorship of the region, it would be a different category.

  1. Federal Skilled Work Program – Aspiring Canada Immigration Visa applicants who have high skills in a profession / related profession & work experience, may apply under this category once eligible under the Canada Express Entry System.
  2. Canada Nominee Program PNP/Provincial Nominee Program: Under this visa category, the visa applicants must have skills related to the province’s regional requirement. Once qualified, he/ she may immigrate to the specified province.
  3. Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa: This program lets eligible candidates who fulfill the requirements immigrate to the Eastern province of Canada – Quebec.

Interesting Facts about Canada

  1. Demography: Canada is a vast nation that touches the Arctic region in the northern hemisphere and the United States in the southern part.
  2. Climate: Mostly covered in snow, it is a dreamland for several people around the world. Due to year-round snow, several parts are uninhabited.
  3. Economy: There is a stable economy as the country dabbles in several successful industries across Automobile, Financial Sector, Hospitality, Aerospace, Infrastructure, etc.
  4. Immigration rules undergo changes and updates in several countries including Canada. It is a good option to take the help of Canada Visa & Immigration Consultants to help out with the Immigration Process.
  5. Each year there are several students from all over the world who go to Canada to pursue education there. Canada Immigration Visa has schemes by which students can also study there and gain a Canada Permanent Residence Visa. This requires a process and eligibility for the aspiring Student Applicants.


Who can apply for Canada?

While each program to migrate to Canada has different criteria, there are some things in common. Canadian immigration experts will typically evaluate migration requests based on:

  1. Education Profile
  2. Professional Profile
  3. References and legal documentation
  4. Your IELTS score
  5. French language skills if you migrate to Quebec
  6. Canadian employment documentation

Canada Express Entry Visa Program

The visa aspirants who would like to apply for Canada PR Visa for popular Canada Immigration Programs can go for Canada Express Entry. The Express Entry Program has a pool of aspirating immigrants from across the world as there are many who like to Migrate to Canada. Get an idea about what the Express Entry for aspirating immigrants is.

Canada Express Entry: There are aspirating individuals, business owners, students, dependents, skilled workers, etc. who want to settle in Canada. Canada Immigration has 60 different schemes by which these people can immigrate. There is a system by which such Canada Visa aspirants may score points. This is an electronic point – based system designed to call those who wish to move to Canada .

The people who go on a long- term basis to Canada under Canada Express Entry are eligible to live and work there. There are several plus points that would raise your score on the CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System such as a valid job offer, provincial nomination, skill transfer ability, an immediate relative who is settled there, etc. Some parts like the Core Human Factors, accompanying spouse, etc will allot points anyway. (There is still an age bracket).

Visa programs such as FSW/ Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canada Experience Class are categorized under the Canada Express Entry System. While the FSW is for the aspirating PR Visa holders who have required skill, education, and work experience, the CEC is for the people who have prior work experience in the country.

A minimum score of 67 in the electronic point – based selection system is needed after which visa applicants get profiled with the Canada Express Entry and are into the ‘Expression of Interest’. The CIC reviews such visa applications that are then directed to another pool.

Canada’s Express Entry System lets qualified candidates apply at any time of the year as there is no specific time to apply. Moreover, qualified applicants can get into the pool for Canada Skilled Migration Program.

What does the Pool Contain?
The aspiring Canada PR Visa applicants’ profiles from across the world create a pool. The CIC conducts draws at regular intervals. Based on your high score in the Comprehensive Ranking System lucky applicants holding top CRS score are issued – ‘Invitation To Apply’ for Canada PR Visa.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa Benefits

One of the snowiest places in the world is definitely the nation of Canada. Several people from all walks of life such as dependents, students, working professionals, skilled people, Business Investors, etc – while several dreams, but there are few to turn their dreams into a reality. So they go for a Canada PR Visa that helps them achieve their immigration goals in life.

What is it that makes so many foreign nationals across the world and more specifically India, want to move permanently to Canada? Here is not just a list but a summary of several Canada Permanent Residence Visa Benefits.

  1. There are almost 60 Visa Schemes for various immigration aspirants to gain Permanent Residence Visa in Canada. The Family Class Program, Express Entry Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, etc. are various categories under which a visa aspirant can apply.
  2. One of the Canada PR Visa Benefits and a point of interest for Immigration to Canada is safety & security. Those holding the Permanent Residence Visa status in Canada are backed by the IRCC & Canada Law This is one of the top reasons why Canada makes the perfect immigration destination for several international wannabes Canada PR Visa holders.
  3. There is an advanced social system in Canada, especially so people who do not hold jobs may learn/search for a new Occupational skill. There are benefits like University Education for Meritorious Scholars, Health Care Benefits, Free Schooling for dependent children, etc. Students can also work for specific hours /part-time on Student Visa.
  4. After spending a long term in Canada, the PR Visa holders can apply for Citizenship. However, there is a specific time period that you have to stay inside the country like 4 years so check it out in detail. Citizens enjoy many benefits such as social security benefits and unemployment, Sr. Citizens, etc.
  5. A stable Economy and Industry across various sectors including Manufacture, hospitality, tourism, service industry, aerospace, IT, etc provide for a number of investment/business opportunities &employment opportunities for many.
  6. Canada is a melting pot of various cultures. You can find multiple communities that are settled in several regions. This enables you to know about various cultures and share your culture too. It is a great place to boost investment plans / expand businesses.
  7. Once you are a successful permanent resident in Canada and lived for a while there, you may sponsor your relatives that are eligible. The principal visa applicant’s spouse and dependent children (up to 19 years of age) get under the same Visa application. He may want to sponsor dependent parents for Canada Permanent Residence Visa status.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa holders are eligible for a number of benefits including dependent kids, social, economic, etc. The benefits are given here to make it simple for you so if you would like Professional Guidance, contact Canada Visa & Immigration Consultants.

Spouse And Family Immigration Visa

Canada Immigration has a few immigration or visa schemes only for families. By these visa categories, many families can re-unite with each other in Canada. So spouse can join Overseas and dependent children can be taken care of too with the Canada Spouse and Family Immigration Visa schemes. In addition to the above family members, the visa holder may sponsor even parents and grandparents to join them in Canada. However, the sponsor must either be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident to be able to sponsor the eligible relatives to join them or migrate there. There are some requirements from the family members who will be accompanying the visa applicant or migrating later too. The following gives details for the family members who would like to migrate to Canada under various Spouse and Family Canada Immigration Visa schemes.

  1. Spouse/Common-Law Partner: The primary visa applicant may include the spouse or common-law partner in the visa application. The common–law partner should be living with the partner for a minimum period of one year.
  2. Dependent Children: Earlier, kids of the visa applicant who were aged below 22 years of age were eligible. But now, only children up to 18 years of age are eligible to be included in the visa application. There is an age–exception for the visa applicant’s children with a disability or health issue. The common-law partner’s children who are within permissible age may also be included in the visa application. The dependent children must not be married or living with a common-law partner.
  3. Parents: Parents are not included in the visa application form. In case they have a severe compassionate or humanitarian cause, then there may be an exception. The primary visa applicant may later sponsor his parents after successfully being a Canada Permanent Resident.
  4. Grandparents: Grandparents are not included on the visa application form. In case they have a severe compassionate or humanitarian cause, then there may be an exception. The primary visa applicant may later sponsor his parents after successfully getting Canada Permanent Residence Visa.


Note: the primary visa applicant may also sponsor relatives who do not come under the above relations in some scenarios such as; if his sibling is orphaned or not financially stable, a niece/ nephew, or a grandchild. Moreover, there are strict requirements that the sponsor has to meet in order to sponsor any or all of the above sponsorship categories. Please make note that in addition to the strict requirements, there are also strict restrictions on the sponsor in sponsoring eligible relatives.

Please contact professional visa experts and take assistance or guidance from them for the above visa categories.

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